Press Releases

Press release: Learn, learn and keep learning - LUM continues with education offensive in collaboration with the German Society for International Cooperation in 2021

Berlin, 31 August 2021


Joint Press Release of PTB - The National Metrology Institute of Germany & LUM GmbH

Berlin, 3 August 2021


Press release: International Online Workshop on Multidimensional Particle Characterisation on 27-29 January 2021

Berlin, 18 January 2021


Press release: Ongoing good business in Brazil - LUM digitally trains the global sales force for the future in 2021

Berlin, 12 January 2021


Joint press release from SKZ - KFE gGmbH & LUM GmbH: In-depth cooperation agreement between the European Center for Dispersion Technologies and LUM

Berlin & Selb, 14 December 2020


Press release: LUM quality management system again certified according to ISO 9001: 2015
Berlin, 2 June 2020


Press release: Successful LUM premiere at the Virtual Lab Show - unabated interest in measuring devices for particle
Berlin, 6 April 2020


Press release: LUM trains the worldwide sales experts on the new particle measurement devices
Berlin, 16 January 2020


Press release: Humanized laboratory instruments - thanks to Colani
Berlin, 4 November 2019


Press release: The tradition goes on: Richard-Sebastian Moeller was awarded this year’s LUM Young Scientist for the determination of particle adhesion of textile surfaces by using analytical centrifugation – Who will follow in 2021?Berlin, 25 September 2019
Press release: Pea protein, Nanogels and Particle adhesion on surfaces 3 young trend-setters nominated for LUM science award YSA 2019
Berlin, 18 February 2019
Press release: Qualification of international LUM sales experts secures further growth of LUM GmbH
Berlin, 17 January 2019
Press release: Young Scientists are invited to apply for Young Scientist Award 2019 Berlin
12 November 2018


Press release: Conference Report on 2018's Int'l Workshop Dispersion Analysis & Materials Testing 
June 26, 2018
Press release: Fresh ideas in particle and dispersion sciences Nominated for LUM Young Scientist Award 2018
Berlin, 7 December 2017
Press release: LUM incorporates subsidiary in the Land of the rising sun LUM Japan starts operative businessBerlin, 19.07.2017


Berlin, 28.02.2017
Press release: Report on the International Workshop Dispersion Analysis and Materials Testing 2016Berlin, 21.11.2016


Press release: Understanding the stability, behaviour and surface properties of nanoparticles and quantum dots using Hansen Solubility Parameters
Berlin, 14 November 2016


Press release: Australian and German Researchers awarded Young Scientist 2016 for Dispersion Analysis & Materials TestingBerlin, 2 November 2016


YSA 2016

Awardee Johannes Walter (GER), Johann Lacava (CH), President of the Jury Prof. Dr. D. Lerche (GER), Michel Vong (CH), Awardee Samuel J. Skinner (AUS) (from left to right)


Press release: Learn, learn and keep learning - LUM successfully started education offensive 2016 in China

Berlin, 26 October 2016


Attendees of the Shanghai seminar with patron Prof. Dr. Hongbin Zhang  (Front row, third from right)

Attendees of the Shanghai seminar with patron Prof. Dr. Hongbin Zhang


Press release: Hardness testing of fertilizers? Colourants in pharmaceutical suspensions? - International Workshop Dispersion Analysis & Materials Testing 2016 - First programme information

Berlin, 30 June 2016


Press release: Work smarter - LUM and the New Generation of High Pressure Homogenizers

Berlin, 5.4.2016

Press release: The axis of success: LUM awards Japanese and Spanish distributors

Berlin, 1 February 2016

Press release: Foundation of LUM (Changzhou) Instruments Co., Ltd. - Signing of the articles of incorporation for the new joint venture

Berlin, 08.10.2015


Press release: Increasing demand for nanoparticle analysis instrumentation in Asia – LUM sponsors Asian Particle Technology Symposium in Korea
Berlin, 01.09.2015


Press release: Report on the International Workshop Dispersion Analysis and Materials Testing 2015

Berlin, 13.08.2015


Press release: Steady growth of international service network of LUM GmbH
(Authorized service partners appointed for India and Italy)

Berlin, 15 July 2015


Press release: LUM successful on the British Isles - LUM awarded UK distributor Adaptive Instruments

Berlin, 2.2.2015


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