2nd Call for Papers – International Workshop Dispersion Analysis and Materials Testing 2015 – First programme highlights
Berlin, 8 October 2014

Information de Presse: LUM s'implante directement en France
Berlin, le 1.10.2014


Press release: LUM now directly in France
Berlin, 1.10.2014

Call for Papers – International Workshop Dispersion Analysis and Materials Testing 2015
Berlin, 1.10.2014


Call for LUM Young Scientist Award 2015

Berlin, 1 July 2014


LUM sponsors World Congress on Particle Technology 7 in China – News from Nano Measuring Instrumentation
Berlin, 29 April 2014

Fünftes Anwenderseminar 2D/3D Rheologie und Stabilität von dispersen Systemen

Berlin, 24.03.2014

Israeli Researcher awarded Young Scientist 2014 for dispersion analysis

Berlin, 06.03.2014


Spanish Sales Success for LUM and excellent customer loyalty program in Israel

Berlin, 04.03.2014


International Workshop Dispersion Analysis and Materials Testing in Berlin, Germany, 23-24 January 2014

Berlin, 23.12.2013


Grafen Co. and LUM GmbH Jointly Develop Chemical Exfoliation Process for Graphene Production

Berlin, 05.11.2013


High concentrated dispersions and packed sediments X-rayed: German Federal Office for Radiation Protection granted type approval for separation analyser made by LUM

Berlin, 15.10.2013


Call for application for Young Scientist Award 2014 – Particle, Dispersion Characterization and Material Testing

Berlin, 19.8.2013


Spanish Crisis does not effect LUM products

LUM awarded Spanish partner Best Distributor 2012 (Berlin, 11.03.2013)


LUM Innovationen POWTECH/PARTEC 2013: Volumenbasierte Partikelgrößenverteilung ohne Brechungsindex - Multiwellenlängen-LUMiReader®PSA und Multiwellenlängen-LUMiSizer® 65x
Berlin, 04.03.2013



Stability of cosmetic products – Particle characterization of raw material: LUM presents innovations during in-cosmetics 2013 

Berlin, 01.03.2013


So test therefore, what join forever - New centrifuge technology will enable multi-sample adhesive and composite strength testing

Joint Press Release BAM Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing / LUM GmbH (Berlin, 19.02.2013)


About dispersible nanoparticles, stable pigment pastes, hot cooked cheese and adhesives

International Workshop Dispersion Analysis and Material Testing in Berlin, March 7-8 (Berlin, 11.01.2013)


Perfect or poor? The award-winning Adhesion Analyser LUMiFrac will find out.

The Innovation Prize Berlin Brandenburg 2012 was awarded to LUM (Berlin, 26.11.2012) 

Adhesion Analyser LUMiFrac is a hot favourite for a prize

LUM is nominated for the Innovation Award Berlin-Brandenburg 2012  (Berlin, 26.10.2012) 

Two become one – Multi-wavelength-LUMiSizer® 65x

Higher benefit in nanotechnology and for beverage development (Berlin, 22.10.2012) 

LUM has moved

LUM GmbH moves into new headquarters in Berlin-Adlershof (Berlin, 08.08.2012)


LUM GmbH extends international service network

Authorized service partners cover now entire NAFTA zone and France (Berlin, 31.07.2012)


LUM GmbH educates international sales partners for further growth

Technical and intercultural exchange at Berlin-Adlershof headquarters in February (Berlin , 13.02.2012)  

Magnetic particles in fabric softeners and nanotubes in creams?
3rd International Workshop Dispersion Analysis is held on March 1-2 in Berlin
(Berlin, 23.01.2012) 

LUM sponsors international conferences of Chemical Engineers and Biotechnologists

Experts meet at  ECCE/ECAB in Berlin from 26-29 September.



Paper coatings, Pickering-Emulsions and Magnetite
LUM-Analysers in the front line of colloid science –ECIS 2011
Berlin, 12.9.2011



Particle characterization made by LUM opens new horizons   
LUM presents innovations during PSA  2011 conference in Edinburgh



Über Grenzen hinweg

Fachübergreifendes 4. Anwenderseminar zu Stabilität und Rheologie vom 16.-18. Mai



 What have Texas Tea and milk, ink-jet inks and ceramics in common?
Comprehensive programme at International LUM-Workshop on 17 March 2011

International Workshop 2011: John Tobin from the Irish Agriculture and Food Development Authority
talking about
the stability of model dispersions in dairy systems


 LUM presents new products and innovations during SEPAWA 2010



 Trend-setter in emulsion characterization 2010
LUM’s scientific contributions to World Congress on Emulsions



 LUM sets benchmarks in analytics of fluid particle separation  
Keynote lecture about sedimentation and consolidation of
suspensions on ECFPS 20.9.2010



Charakterisierung von Nano- und Mikrodispersionen in
Oberhausen am 28.9.2010

Applikationstag von LUM GmbH, Thermo Fisher Scientific und Anasysta



LUM sponsert internationales Branchentreffen
der Papierindustrie 2010
Die Fachwelt trifft sich zum PTS-Papiersymposium
vom 7.-10. September in München


Charakterisierung von Nano- und Mikrodispersionen
in Berlin am 8.6.2010

Applikationstag von LUM GmbH, Thermo Fisher Scientific und Anasysta



 LUM on 6th World Congress on Particle Technology 2010
New trends on the scientific congress in Nuremberg



 Cross-analytical characterization of particles and dispersions at POWTECH
If dispersion stability, particle size & shape or flowabality of powders matter, visit POWTECH 2010 – Hall 6 Stand 6-114



 New ideas and products from Berlin-Adlershof out into the big, wide world
LUM GmbH welcomes world-wide sales partners in February



 Cross-analytical dispersion and particle expertise at ACHEMA
If dispersion stability, particle size, particle shape and dielectric constant matter, visit ACHEMA 2009
Hall 6.3 LUM Booth P23-Q23



 LUMiSizer® – Comprehensive Stability Analysis and Particle Characterization in Ceramic Industry
Product HIGHLIGHT at ACHEMA 2009
Hall 6.3 Booth P23-Q23



Entmischungstester LUMiCheck®
Halle 6.3 Stand P23-Q23



LUMiSizer® – Umfassende Stabilitätsanalyse und
Partikelcharakterisierung in der keramischen Industrie

Halle 6.3 Stand P23-Q23



Charakterisierung von Nano- und Mikrodispersionen
in Berlin am 22.4.2009

Applikationstag von LUM GmbH, Thermo Fisher Scientific und Anasysta



 LUM strengthens international sales
10th International sales meeting of LUM GmbH in Berlin-Adlershof



 Gold Award for LUM-Researchers
The Filtration Society Gold Medal bestowed upon T. Sobisch et al.

On the photo (download >>) from left to right: T. Sobisch (LUM GmbH), D. Lerche (LUM GmbH), L. Holliday
(Chairman of The Filtration Society), T. Detloff
(LUM GmbH), M. Beiser, A. Erk (Universität Karlsruhe)


 LUM GmbH certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000
Renewed certification part of constant quality policy



 9th International Sales Meeting at LUM GmbH in Berlin, Germany
LUM welcomes world-wide partners at headquarters in Berlin-Adlershof



 Analytical centrifugation – LUM´s successful analytical method for the Ink Jet Industry
Invited lecture in Lisbon and Sponsoring of Power of Ink-Jet Materials V in Berlin



 Texas-Tea in the Silicon Hills
LUM moves location of US subsidiary LUM Corp. to Austin, TX



8th International Sales Meeting at LUM GmbH in Berlin, Germany
LUM welcomes world-wide partners at headquarters in Berlin-Adlershof



 On Track of the Tiger
Expansion of Asian Sales Network results in LUM's growth in Berlin

Mr. Moshe Shmilovitz (Tetrasense Scientific Tools, Israel, left) and Mr. Kunio Sasaki
(Nihon Rufuto, Co., Ltd., Japan, right) awarded top distributors within the global LUM sales
network by Prof. Lerche, MD of LUM GmbH


files/Presse/LUM-On track of the tiger_rgb.jpg

 Hot and Cold Dispersions
Rapid Shelf Life Study with Universal Stability Analyser LUMiFuge®111



 7th International Sales Meeting at LUM GmbH in Berlin, Germany
World-wide partners of LUM meet at headquarters in Berlin-Adlershof



 The cooperation for software development is continued
A new specialist from the Ukraine is visiting LUM



 Working with Leonardo da Vinci at LUM
Why young international graduates work in Adlershof



 Dispersion and Particle Analysers with ultra-modern analytical centrifuges
L.U.M. in strategic partnership with EPPENDORF



Berlin, 04.08.2005



Internationale Forschungskooperation mit PRO INNO:
Auf Expansionskurs dank Know-how aus der Ukraine

Berlin, 15.07.2005



Japanischer Distributor ausgezeichnet für Vertrieb
deutscher Dispersionsmesstechnik

Berlin, 10.05.2005



LUM GmbH auf der European Coatings Show 2005
Berlin, 22.04.2005



6. Internationales Salesmeeting der LUM GmbH
in Berlin-Adlershof

Berlin, 19.04.2005



LUM verstärkt den Vertrieb analytischer
Dispersionsmesstechnik in der NAFTA-Region mit eigener US-Tochterfirma

Berlin, 07.01.2005