Analytical instruments for measuring: separation and instability phenomena

i. e. sedimentation, flocculation, creaming, phase inversion, coalescence, Ostwald ripening

The whole sample

...instantaneously from top to bottom

Analytical instruments for measuring: Oil, gas oil & petrol

Crude oil dewatering, demulsifier selection, asphalthene stability.

Analytical instruments for measuring: Cosmetics, home & personal care

Direct accelerated stability tests of products. Particle properties of raw materials. Hair care, Sun care, Colour cosmetics, Cosmeceuticals.

Analytical instruments for measuring: Pharmaceutical products

Milling influence, dispersion stability, particle size distributions, emulsion stability, adjuvants, excipients. Human and animal health products.

Analytical instruments for measuring: Milk and dairy products

Direct real-time and accelerated stability tests of products. Particle properties of ingredients. Storage behaviour. Stability prediction.

Analytical instruments for measuring: Paints, lacquers, pigments and inks

Direct real-time and accelerated stability of undiluted products. Syneresis, Pigment segregation, freeze-thaw stability, size distribution, coating quality, coating adhesion and delamination.

Analytical instruments for measuring: Beverages, dressings & ketchup

Direct real-time and accelerated stability of undilute products. - Settling stability, beverage emulsions, droplet and particle density and size distributions, coalescence. Processing and filtration.

Analytical instruments for measuring: Ceramic materials

Sedimentation velocity. Clay characterization, syneresis, characterization of ceramic slurries, particle size distribution, green body homogeneity. Sediment concentration profiles.

Analytical instruments for measuring: Polymers & Latices, Sludges, Slurries

Direct accelerated stability tests. Evaluation of flocculation, coagulation and coalescence, flocculant selection, demulsifier selection, inclined settling, particle size distribution.

Analytical instruments for measuring: Lubricants and coolants

Direct real-time and accelerated emulsion stability, coalescence, emulsifier selection, lubricant aging, droplet size distribution. Processing and storage influence.

Analytical instruments for measuring: All kinds of coatings, Metallized polymers, Laminates

Determination of adhesive, cohesive & bonding strength of coatings, tensile, Pull-off, Shear & Fatigue testing.

Analytical instruments for measuring: Cyanoacrylates, epoxy adhesives, polyurethanes

Direct accelerated stability tests of formulations. Particle sizing. Testing of tensile strength of bonded joints & multilayer materials - Cyanoacrylates, Epoxy adhesives, Polyurethanes, Furniture, Foils, Films, Coatings.


LUM @Sepawa 2019

LUM @Sepawa 2019

When? 23-25 Oct,

Where? Berlin

Find us at booth B428-429


LUM @3. Klebstoffseminar, Jena

LUM @3. Klebstoffseminar, Jena

When? 22 - 23 October

Where? Jena


Vom Klebstoff bis zur Klebverbindung – Eigenschaftsbestimmung mittels analytischer Zentrifugation

LUM @Filtech 2019

LUM @Filtech 2019

When? 22-24 Oct,

Where? Cologne

Find us at Hall 11.1 Stand A3


Off- and In-line monitoring of processed milk by MRS-Technology
P. Dumeier, D. Lerche*, LUM GmbH; K.-H. Mittenzwey, G. Sinn, Optosphere Spectroscopy GbR, Germany
Session: L1 - Particle and Slurry Characterization, Day: 22 October 2019, Time: 13:00 - 14:15h

Measuring solid/liquid separation of viscous polydisperse suspensions at gravity and in centrifugal field
T. Sobisch*, LUM GmbH, D. Lerche, LUM GmbH / Dr. Lerche KG, T. Koch, Kronos International Inc, Germany,
Session: L1 - Particle and Slurry Characterization, Day: 22 October 2019, Time: 13:00 - 14:15h

Analytical Photo-Centrifugal Filtration (ACF): Membrane Resistance and Filterability
S. Boldt, M. Loginov, D. Lerche, Session: M6 - Short Oral Presentations, Day: 23 October 2019, Time: 14:45 - 16:00h

LUM @Club Emulsion

LUM @Club Emulsion

When? 30 September - 01 October

Where? Colombes, France


Screening rapide de tensioactifs pour la reformulation rapide d’émulsions selon l’ISO/TR13097:2013

About LUM

LUM GmbH is a leading company in the following fields:

  • real-time & accelerated dispersion analysis
  • stability ranking & analysis
  • particle sizing & characterization
  • detection of destabilization phenomena
  • optimization of formulations & process control
  • materials testing
  • adhesion, cohesion & strength determination

Our LUM analysers are found in international chemical, food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and most other industrial branches.

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Our analysers conform to the international norms and guidelines:

ASTM D7827 DIN EN 14869-2 DIN EN 15870 ISO/TR 13097ISO/TR 18811 ISO 13317 ISO 13318-2ISO 18747-1 ISO 4624 JIS K 5600-5-7 DIN EN 13144