Analytical instruments for measuring: separation and instability phenomena

i. e. sedimentation, flocculation, creaming, phase inversion, coalescence, Ostwald ripening

The whole sample

...instantaneously from top to bottom

Analytical instruments for measuring: Oil, gas oil & petrol

Crude oil dewatering, demulsifier selection, asphalthene stability.

Analytical instruments for measuring: Cosmetics, home & personal care

Direct accelerated stability tests of products. Particle properties of raw materials. Hair care, Sun care, Colour cosmetics, Cosmeceuticals.

Analytical instruments for measuring: Pharmaceutical products

Herbaceuticals, dermaceuticals, vaccines, bio pharmaceuticals, adjuvants, milling influence, dispersion stability, particle size distributions, emulsion stability, adjuvants, excipients. Human and animal health products.

Analytical instruments for measuring: Milk and dairy products, plant-based dairy alternatives

Direct real-time and accelerated stability tests of products. Particle properties of ingredients. Storage behaviour. Stability prediction.

Analytical instruments for measuring: Paints, lacquers, pigments and inks

Direct real-time and accelerated stability of undiluted products. Syneresis, Pigment segregation, freeze-thaw stability, size distribution, coating quality, coating adhesion and delamination.

Analytical instruments for measuring: Beverages, dressings & ketchup

Direct real-time and accelerated stability of undilute products. - Settling stability, beverage emulsions, droplet and particle density and size distributions, coalescence. Processing and filtration.

Analytical instruments for measuring: Ceramic materials

Sedimentation velocity. Clay characterization, syneresis, characterization of ceramic slurries, particle size distribution, green body homogeneity. Sediment concentration profiles.

Analytical instruments for measuring: Polymers & Latices, Sludges, Slurries

Direct accelerated stability tests. Evaluation of flocculation, coagulation and coalescence, flocculant selection, demulsifier selection, inclined settling, particle size distribution.

Analytical instruments for measuring: Lubricants and coolants

Direct real-time and accelerated emulsion stability, coalescence, emulsifier selection, lubricant aging, droplet size distribution. Processing and storage influence.

Analytical instruments for measuring: All kinds of coatings, Metallized polymers, Laminates

Determination of adhesive, cohesive & bonding strength of coatings, tensile, Pull-off, Shear & Fatigue testing.

Analytical instruments for measuring: Cyanoacrylates, epoxy adhesives, polyurethanes

Direct accelerated stability tests of formulations. Particle sizing. Testing of tensile strength of bonded joints & multilayer materials - Cyanoacrylates, Epoxy adhesives, Polyurethanes, Furniture, Foils, Films, Coatings.


REGISTRATION IS OPEN! Join the International Conference for Dispersion Analysis & Materials Testing 2024 in Berlin

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REGISTRATION IS OPEN! Join the International Conference for Dispersion Analysis & Materials Testing 2024 in Berlin

In 2024, LUM GmbH hosts the next, now traditional International Conference for Dispersion Analysis & Materials Testing.

Emulsion and suspension enthusiasts, tensile testers, coaters and lightweight constructors are cordially invited to learn new analytical strategies and results from scientific and industrial experts. Acquire new methods to accelerate and simplify your R&D and QC processes with LUMiReader PSA & LUMiReader X-Ray, LUMiFuge, LUMiSizer, LUMiSpoc, LUMiFrac (for composite materials) and LUMiFlector.


Conference topics

  • Particle & Surface Characterization
  • Real-time & Accelerated Stability (Solid-Liquid-Separation/Liquid-Liquid-Separation)
  • Materials Testing
  • Product Parameter Monitoring


Due to popular demand the conference will again take place at the ABACUS Tierpark Hotel in Berlin. The conference starts on June 10 at 9 am and is closed on June 11 at 7 pm.

Five different shortcourses will take place at the LUM headquarters in Berlin-Adlershof on June 12 from 9 am to 3 pm. Each shortcourse is limited to four conference participants. Few places are left.


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Partikeloberflächeneigenschaften und ihr Verständnis - ein Trend auch bei jungen Wissenschaftlern

Partikeloberflächeneigenschaften und ihr Verständnis - ein Trend auch bei jungen Wissenschaftlern

Drei Kandidaten für den LUM Wissenschaftspreis YSA im Juni 2024 nominiert

Am 10. und 11. Juni 2024 veranstaltet die LUM GmbH in Berlin nun schon die 11. Internationale Konferenz zur Dispersionsanalyse und Materialtestung (ICDAMT 2024).
Prof. Dr. Dr. Lerche, Vorsitzender des Wissenschaftlichen Komitees und LUM-Geschäftsführer: “Seit 2014 wird von uns der Young Scientist Award (YSA) für herausragende wissenschaftliche Leistungen auf den Gebieten Partikel- und Dispersionscharakterisierung sowie Materialtestung ausgeschrieben und nach festgelegten Qualitätskriterien auf der Konferenz vergeben. Junge Wissenschaftler aus Deutschland, Frankreich, Indien, Norwegen und der Tschechischen Republik sind dem Ruf gefolgt und haben sich um den Preis beworben. Drei Finalisten aus Europa und Indien sind letztendlich von der Jury für 2024 nominiert worden. [...] Vollkommen unabhängig von der Auswahlprozedur wird spannenderweise in allen nominierten Bewerbungen das übergreifende Thema der Partikeloberflächeneigenschaften und deren Charakterisierung sichtbar, ein Trend der uns auch in der eigenen wissenschaftlichen Arbeit sowie bei unseren Kunden zunehmend begegnet.“

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in-cosmetics Paris - Stand 1V170

in-cosmetics Paris - Stand 1V170

LUM welcomes you at the leading global event for personal care ingredients in Paris, France, from 16–18 April 2024.


LUM instruments enable our customers successfully to develop and formulate new and improved products and introduce them onto the market, following our slogan “The Next STEP in Dispersion Analysis and Materials Testing“.

Why visit our stand:

Accelerated stability testing & aging of products in original concentration, according to ISO/TR18811 & ISO/TR13097.
Determination of Particle size distributions; single particle counting; centrifugal adhesion testing of packaging.
Learn how to analyse facial masks in seconds, make-up foundations and nail polish in minutes & more.

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DKSH and LUM GmbH extend strategic partnership in the APAC region


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DKSH and LUM GmbH extend strategic partnership in the APAC region

DKSH has further fortified its strategic partnership with LUM GmbH, a globally recognized expert in scientific and measurement-technology, across key markets in the APAC region.

DKSH Business Unit Technology has expanded its partnership with LUM GmbH, a leading provider of world-class instruments in the fields of Dispersion Analysis, Stability Analysis, Separation Analysis, Particle Sizing and Materials Testing. DKSH will provide sales, marketing, application support, and after-sales services in Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam, in addition to our existing partnerships in Malaysia and Singapore.


About LUM

LUM GmbH is a leading company in the following fields:

  • real-time & accelerated dispersion analysis
  • stability ranking & analysis
  • particle sizing & characterization
  • detection of destabilization phenomena
  • optimization of formulations & process control
  • materials testing
  • adhesion, cohesion & strength determination

Our LUM analysers are found in international chemical, food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and most other industrial branches.

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Our analysers conform to the international norms and guidelines:

ASTM D7827  DIN EN 14869-2  DIN EN 15870  ISO/TR 13097  ISO/TR 18811  ISO 13317  ISO 13318-2  ISO 18747-1  ISO 4624  JIS K 5600-5-7  DIN EN 13144  JIS Z 8823-1:2001