Our webinars (selection)

Webinar November 24-25 "Analytical Characterization of Crude Oil Separation" Part 1: DEMULSIFICATION DE + EN + FR

SEPAWA Webinar October 29: Direct and accelerated stability testing extended by temperature ramp

LUM LIVE Webinar Series - TiO2 - deutsch-English-français - September 10 - 11 2020

LUM LIVE Webinar Series - Adjuvants-Vaccines-Flu - deutsch-English-français - June 24 - 26 2020

Adhesion Analyser LUMiFrac: Technology, Use, Software & Application Webinar

STEP-Technology® for particle sizing of raw cosmetic products

Accelerated stability, comparative shelf life prediction for cosmetic products

Analytical methods to visualise the pigment separation in colour cosmetics

An innovative concept for real-time and accelerated emulsion and suspension stability testing

Innovative accelerated stability tests (ISO/TR 13097) and particle analysis

A new standard in adhesion & cohesion testing