CAT-Technology - A new multi-sample absolute measurement technique

For materials testing, we have developed the Centrifugal Adhesion Testing-Technology for the comprehensive determination of adhesive, bonding and composite strength.

The principle of the new CAT-Technology is as simple as ingenious. Centrifugal force is applied to up to 8 sample assemblies. The load increase is programmed by variation of rotor rpm. If the applied load exceeds the tensile strength of the sample-assembly, the test stamp (TST) changes its position within a guiding sleeve.

The detachment of the TST (at the moment of rupture) is automatically detected and a position-coded IR-signal is send out of the turning rotor transmitting the current rotor speed as well as the rupture time. The force at rupture and the tensile strength, either bonding or adhesive strength, is calculated and displayed on-line by measurement software SEPView.


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